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Monthly Big Walleye, Pike Contest

Hell Creek Marina offers a monthly Big Fish Contest for walleyes and northern pike in spring, summer and fall, with the top angler each month winning a steak dinner for two at the marina. Winners are based on the length of the fish. Also, you don't need to have the biggest fish so far this month to have your photo displayed in our Big Fish Contest gallery.

Fish must be caught out of the Hell Creek boat ramp. We must have a picture of your fish -- either one taken by the marina or one that you submit yourself by e-mail or U.S. Mail to the website.

To enter, you can bring your fish to the marina after your fishing day is done, so your picture can be taken. Or, if you want to release the fish, just go to the gas dock and use the intercom there to contact the marina. We'll come down and measure the fish and snap the photo. Then you can release it. Or, if you want to submit your photo by e-mail, just send it to: Hell Creek Marina Big Fish Contest or by U.S. mail by sending it to: Big fish photo, P.O. Box 276, Park City, Mont. 59063.

October, 2004 winner

Biggest northern pike
Glenn Farrell
42 inches

September, 2004 winners

Biggest walleye
29 inches
by John Staubitz - 29 inches

Biggest northern pike
41 inches
by Lynette Snieder - 41 inches

August, 2004, winners

Biggest walleye
32 inches
by Mary Beth Kibler

Biggest northern pike
32.75 inches
by John Lamborn

Other great fish from Hell Creek

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